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Hashtag #GC2018
Male squash player stretching to make the return shot

Oxenford Studios

Venue Details

Table Tennis
Boxing and Squash (3,000) and Table Tennis (3,200)

Entertainment Road, Oxenford QLD 4210


The Village Roadshow Studios in Oxenford are located just off the Pacific Motorway, across from Reservoir Park.

The existing sound stages of the Village Roadshow complex at Oxenford will play host to the sports of Boxing and Table Tennis. These venues are being enhanced to provide for the International Sporting Federations technical venue requirements.

A $15.5 million Sound Stage will be the venue for the Squash competition. The new Village Roadshow Super Stage 9, unveiled in 2016, is the largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere and is expected to contribute millions to Queensland’s film and television industry.

Nearby local attractions include the Australian Outback Spectacular show, the Paradise Country Farm and the Gold Coast’s major theme parks.