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A Weightlifting athlete performing a lift


Strength Rarely Seen
Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre
Tickets From:
$20 (Children)
$40 (Adults)

With powerhouse legs, dynamite arms and a concrete core, these athletes are the strongmen and women of the Games.

Weightlifting is an enthralling competition of strength, speed and determination that will captivate the crowd at the Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre.

As the barbell is lifted, fans will witness eyes bulge, cheeks puff and every muscle strain.

If the weight is held overhead, a roar of victory will signify success.

If not, it’s not panic stations – each competitor has three attempts to make a successful lift.

In each bodyweight category for men and women, the competition features both the snatch and the clean and jerk.

It is the combined weight of their best lift in both that will determine the ultimate fate and placing for each weightlifter.

The atmosphere will reach fever pitch as the competition unfolds and these super-strong athletes aim to be the strongest of them all.

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      Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre

      Nerang-Broadbeach Rd, Carrara QLD 4211

      The Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre provides world-class competition and training facilities on the Gold Coast for a variety of sports. This new 16,500m2 multi-purpose community facility will comprise of two mixed-use indoor halls connected by a pedestrian plaza. In addition to the GC2018 events, the mixed-use sports courts are designed to accommodate a wide range of court sports including basketball, netball, indoor soccer and badminton.

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      Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre

      Weightlifting Medal Events

      Men's Events Women's Events
      56kg 48kg
      62kg 53kg
      69kg 58kg
      77kg 63kg
      85kg 69kg
      94kg 75kg
      105kg 90kg
      +105kg +90kg