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Table Tennis play returning a shot

Table Tennis

Excellence Rarely Seen
Oxenford Studios
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$10 (Children)
$20 (Adults)

A fast and furious sport, Table Tennis requires technical wizardry like no other.

Having the skill to control a featherweight 2.7g ball with a springy rubber-coated racket is one thing.

Having the proficiency to land it on your opponent’s side of a 2.74m long table whilst clearing a 15.25cm high net is another.

Now imagine doing it at high velocity – the ball coming at you like a bullet and spin affecting its ultimate trajectory.

It’s like threading a needle while on a rollercoaster.

There is no doubt Table Tennis is a sport of skill, speed, agility, focus and precision.

Massively popular across the Commonwealth, over 40 nations are set to compete at Oxenford Studios during GC2018.

The atmosphere will be exciting and emotional as the action comes thick and fast.

Fans will light up as these masterful players spring around the table and whip their rackets back and forth in the fight for gold.

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      Oxenford Studios

      Entertainment Road, Oxenford QLD 4210

      During GC2018, the venue will host Boxing, Squash, Table Tennis and be used as a Badminton Training venue. The newly constructed Sound Stage 9, regularly used to film Hollywood blockbusters is the largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere, and will host Squash during the Games. GC2018 is the first time the venue will have been used to host sports events.

      See venue page for more details
      Oxenford Studios

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