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Swimming athlete performing freestyle


Power Rarely Seen
Optus Aquatic Centre
Tickets From:
$20 (Children)
$40 (Adults)

In a 50 metre pool of glistening blue water, the competition in Swimming will be hot, will be close and will be record-breaking.

The Commonwealth’s best swimmers line-up ready to blast into one of four strokes – freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. Speed and teamwork is showcased in the relays, while the medley brings out the Commonwealth’s most versatile swimmers.

It’s an aquatic extravaganza as these racing machines launch into action.

With streamlined technique, they cut through the water like dolphins using the power in their arms and legs to propel forward.

The race is on for the lead. The crowd cheers as one. Who will be the first to touch the wall at the finish?

Swimming provides the ultimate spectator experience with every seat providing a great outlook onto the aquatic action.

The Optus Aquatic Centre at the picturesque Southport Broadwater Parklands will host the hottest ticket in town.

Swimming has been a sport at every Commonwealth Games and GC2018 will now also stage the largest para-sport program in the event’s history.

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      Optus Aquatic Centre

      Marine Parade, Gold Coast QLD 4215

      The Optus Aquatic Centre has been fully redeveloped in preparation for GC2018. The Centre has six pools, including a new 50 metre 10-lane competition pool, a full suite of diving facilities and a dry dive training pit, fully equipped fitness centre, onsite café and multi-function meeting rooms.

      The Optus Aquatic Centre is located just south of the Southport Broadwater Parklands venue for the Triathlon and Marathon competitions.

      See venue page for more details
      Optus Aquatic Centre

      Swimming Medal Events

      Men's Events Women's Events
      50m Freestyle 50m Freestyle
      S7 50m Freestyle --
      -- S8 50m Freestyle
      100m Freestyle 100m Freestyle
      S9 100m Freestyle S9 100m Freestyle
      200m Freestyle 200m Freestyle
      S14 200m Freestyle --
      400m Freestyle 400m Freestyle
      -- 800m Freestyle
      1500m Freestyle --
      50m Backstroke 50m Backstroke
      100m Backstroke 100m Backstroke
      S9 100m Backstroke S9 100m Backstroke
      200m Backstroke 200m Backstroke
      50m Breaststroke 50m Breaststroke
      100m Breaststroke 100m Breaststroke
      SB8 100m Breaststroke --
      -- SB9 100m Breaststroke
      200m Breaststroke 200m Breaststroke
      50m Butterfly 50m Butterfly
      -- S7 50m Butterfly
      100m Butterfly 100m Butterfly
      200m Butterfly 200m Butterfly
      200m Individual Medley 200m Individual Medley
      SM8 200m Individual Medley --
      -- SM10 200m Individual Medley
      400m Individual Medley 400m Individual Medley
      4x100m Freestyle Relay 4x100m Freestyle Relay
      4x200m Freestyle Relay 4x200m Freestyle Relay
      4x100m Medley Relay 4x100m Medley Relay