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A Squash player returning a shot off the wall


Reflexes Rarely Seen
Oxenford Studios
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$10 (Children)
$20 (Adults)

Watch intently as the small rubber ball travels at speeds of up to 280km per hour.

The players use their speed, agility and reflexes to hit the ball and out-manoeuvre their opponent.

Squash is a fast paced racket sport played on a four walled court where concentration, acceleration and anticipation can prove the difference.

Oxenford Studios will host the Squash competition at GC2018 and provide fans with thrill-a-minute viewing.

All four walls of the show court are all-glass, giving spectators the opportunity to see the action from all angles.

Both singles and doubles events will be showcased, with the rare doubles event a feature of the GC2018 format.

Nothing will be missed as the ball flies around the court, ricocheting off walls at high speed.

Players change direction with amazing agility. Just as quickly they strike the ball with their racket using a lightning snap of their wrists.

In April 2018 you will see why these players are regarded as some of the fittest athletes in the world.

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      Oxenford Studios

      Entertainment Road, Oxenford QLD 4210

      During GC2018, the venue will host Boxing, Squash, Table Tennis and be used as a Badminton Training venue. The newly constructed Sound Stage 9, regularly used to film Hollywood blockbusters is the largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere, and will host Squash during the Games. GC2018 is the first time the venue will have been used to host sports events.

      See venue page for more details
      Oxenford Studios

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