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Mountain bikers racing for the first corner

Cycling - Mountain Bike

Determination Rarely Seen
Nerang Mountain Bike Trails
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$20 (Children)
$40 (Adults)

Riders hurtle downhill, power uphill, navigate treacherous terrain, all in the pursuit of gold.

Mountain Biking requires balance, speed, endurance, precision, technical mastery and nerves of steel, as riders battle not only each other but the challenging environment as well.

The Nerang Mountain Bike Trails will be the venue to sort out the best from the rest in the Commonwealth.

Fans will lap up the racing, the thrills and the spills in these beautiful forest open air surrounds.

Both men and women will race for gold in the Mountain Bike Cross Country races, exuding determination and spirit to enthral any sports fan.


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      Nerang Mountain Bike Trails

      Hope St. Nerang QLD 4211

      Kilometres of new and upgraded mountain bike trails in the Nerang State Forest have been developed ahead of GC2018. The trails make up the first international standard mountain bike course located in South East Queensland. Diverse track styles, including fast flow trails and slow-speed steep and technical trails will challenge athletes.

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      Nerang Mountain Bike Trails

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