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A hockey player diving over the goal keeper to get to the ball


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Gold Coast Hockey Centre
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$10 (Children)
$20 (Adults)

There will be fireworks. There will be ferocity. Two teams of 18 players will face off with an unwavering focus on one goal – to score.

With masterful and devastating use of their sticks, players will dribble, pass, weave and shoot as they attack the opposition’s goal.

Hockey is 60 minutes of full-throttle sporting action.

The 5,000-seat Gold Coast Hockey Centre will be the venue where teams apply their speed, skill and grit in the fight to put the ball into the back of the net.

The Commonwealth boasts some of the world’s best Hockey teams, so the action in both the men’s and women’s competitions at GC2018 is sure to be intense.

This will mean spectators will be kept on the edge of their seats witnessing match after match of super-charged Hockey.

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      Gold Coast Hockey Centre

      Keith Hunt Park, 125 Musgrave Ave, Labrador QLD 4215.

      The Gold Coast Hockey Centre is undergoing a major redevelopment ahead of GC2018. Due for completion in 2017, the new development will feature two new all-weather synthetic pitches, a new grass pitch with North-South orientation and an extended club house.

      The redevelopment of Gold Coast Hockey Centre will establish the Centre as one of Queensland's premier hockey venues, ensuring the provision of an international standard hockey venue and hockey competitions into the future.

      See venue page for more details
      Gold Coast Hockey Centre

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