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Synchronised Diving Competitors


Sport Details

  • Synchronised Diving Competitors
  • Diving competitor diving
  • Diving competitor diving
  • Two female divers mid way into their dive
  • Synchronised Diving Competitors

Diving requires athletes to utilise balance, speed, precision and flexibility to perform feats of aerobatics whilst jumping into a pool. Scores are awarded based on the degree of difficulty and execution of each dive. From the 10m tower at Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, divers will have picturesque views of the city and Broadwater before taking the plunge.

Diving Medal Events

Men's Events Women's Events
1m Springboard 1m Springboard
3m Springboard 3m Springboard
10m Platform 10m Platform
Synchronised 3m Springboard Synchronised 3m Springboard
Synchronised 10m Platform Synchronised 10m Platform

As of 30 September 2016.