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Boxing athletes


Precision Rarely Seen
Oxenford Studios
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$10 (Children)
$20 (Adults)

Showcasing a mix of speed, skill, strength and stamina, two combatants will stand toe-to-toe ready to unleash a flurry of punches and manoeuvres.

The sport of Boxing will transform Oxenford Studios into a battle zone where there can only be one victor inside a 6.1m square ring.

Who will land the most scoring punches? Who has the speed and reflexes to evade their opponent? Who will light up the ring with their offensive jabbing, crossing and hooking combined with defensive ducking, weaving and blocking?

It will be an experience for spectators not to be missed.

With an electric atmosphere, the men will face off in the Light Flyweight division for the speed machines who weigh 46 – 49kg right up to the Super Heavyweight division for the power punchers above 91kg.

Women’s Boxing will also take centre stage, after a thrilling debut in Glasgow 2014, with fierce bouts predicted across six divisions.

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      Oxenford Studios

      Entertainment Road, Oxenford QLD 4210

      During GC2018, the venue will host Boxing, Squash, Table Tennis and be used as a Badminton Training venue. The newly constructed Sound Stage 9, regularly used to film Hollywood blockbusters is the largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere, and will host Squash during the Games. GC2018 is the first time the venue will have been used to host sports events.

      See venue page for more details
      Oxenford Studios

      Boxing Medal Events

      Men's Events Women's Events
      46-49kg 45-48kg
      52kg 51kg
      56kg 57kg
      60kg 60kg
      64kg --
      69kg 69kg
      75kg 75kg*
      81kg --
      91kg --
      +91kg --

      * CGF and AIBA agreed weight categories as at April 2017