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Gold Coast Schools Connect

In 2018, Gold Coast youth will play a very special role in welcoming 6500 athletes and team officials from 70 Commonwealth nations and territories and many thousands of visitors from all over the world.

GC2018 Gold Coast Schools Connect aims to engage and connect with schools on the Gold Coast ensuring the Gold Coast school community is informed, excited, enthusiastic and involved in GC2018. The program includes the opportunity to connect local schools with a Commonwealth Games Association and a school in a Commonwealth nation or territory. It also includes opportunities for the schools to participate in key GC2018 programs and milestone celebrations.

Embracing 2018 Global Education Program

The Queensland Government's Department of Education and Training has developed the Embracing 2018 Global Education Program. The program supports teachers to use the Commonwealth Games as a real and current context for learning the curriculum – by reaching beyond the classroom. Schools, teachers and students interested in learning more about this exciting program, are encouraged to visit the Embracing 2018 Global Education Program website to find out more.

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